Wizmans World Retry


As a wizard, use your magic powers, absorb the enemy, and evolve your 3 homunculi to win.

Experience a fantastic story that changes following your choices.

◆The story of a wizard traveler fighting for hope

The city of Wizarest has been cut off from communication with the outside world.

Those who have awakened have forgotten who they are, who their neighbors are, and live without any memories of their past.

The only thing they know is the danger of the dungeons surrounding the city, the monsters that inhabit them, and the magic they need to counter them.

The citizens have been trying to navigate the dungeons for years but to no avail. And 100 years later, no exit has been found.

And now, a new wizard is heading into the dungeons to defy the monsters…

◆ Experience a turn-based game where chain attacks and attributes are key to victory

The battles in this game are simple yet deep, and each turn is curcial!

Make full use of the timeline above the screen to elaborate on your strategy. Read the enemy's HP, the attack order, everybody's status and aim for the most effective way to win the battle.

Water is stronger than Fire. Fire is stronger than Wind. Wind is stronger than Earth. Earth is stronger than Water. Keep this in mind and use the best attacks to counter the enemy.

Use chain attacks to kill the enemy quickly.

Bonus effects increase damage and stats, strengthening your offensive capabilities.

◆Ameliorate your party with Anima Fusion

The player and their 3 homunculi.

At first glance, they look like fairies. They have the power to ease the souls of defeated monsters and can fuse with them with "Anima Fusion".

Thanks to Anima Fusion, they can use the stats, status, skills, and appearance of a defeated monster.

Adopt stronger monster abilities, inherit skills, and create your own powerful guardian.

◆What is Wizmans World ?

Jaleco, known for releasing games until 2000, released this RPG in 2009 on portable consoles.

The game features well-drawn dot graphics and a simple yet challenging difficulty level, earning high praise from RPG fans.

In this remaster, the graphics have been revisited,

the BGM has been rearranged, new BGM has been added (all BGM remade by soLi),

and the UI and playability have been optimized. Experience a new version of the game with the same charm as the original version.

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OS Windows 10
Processor Core i5-8500 3.0GHz
Graphics Nvidia GeForce GT1030
Storage 2 GB available space


English O X O
Japanese O X O