In a late 21st Century world ravaged by war, civilization meets its end. A group of survivors hides in a massive bunker, hoping to escape the devastation of war. Passing through countless generations, 500 years passed. Until at long last, the bunker’s heavy doors finally opened to reveal a world transformed, unrecognizable to those who were trapped inside. Explorers are sent on expeditions to pioneer these strange new lands on the surface above. You are one of these pioneers, the Explorer of this bunker.

Chaos looms on the horizon across the continent. Different forces struggle for control as the bunker’s Explorers walk steadfastly into the eye of the storm. Every action has consequences, bringing the world one step closer to its salvation, or its destruction. Countless trials and choices await you and your expedition. Everything is up to you.


Shambles is a text-based RPG combined with a roguelike deck-builder. Become one of the bunker’s Explorers, and explore the outside world and the stories it has to offer. As you come across various situations, choose your actions carefully to complete your mission.

Once a battle begins, the game shifts to turn-based combat with your current deck. You’ll need to use the right skills and cards to lead yourself to victory.

After you’ve cleared all the events in an area, you can choose the next area to explore. Travel from one nearby area to the next, and explore the vast world outside the bunker. Somewhere on the continent, hidden areas and secret dungeons await. In between and even during exploration, you can adjust your character’s current build. You can change your stats, buy and equip new items, and even unlock new skills to use the next time you’re in combat.

Though keep in mind that some cards and equipment are only available after you clear certain story events. Uncover secrets as you unravel the mysteries of a world in Shambles.


Explore the Vast Continent of Eustea

The lands outside the bunker have been dubbed the continent of Eustea. Within this vast continent are over 100 different areas for you to explore, each with its own untold story. Isolated from one another after the fall of modern civilization, each area has adopted a different approach to rebuilding society over the course of 500 years that is unrecognizable from the approach of the old civilization. In the world of Shambles, civilizations you’ve never seen or heard of now coexist on what has become the continent of Eustea.

Multiple Endings to Discover

Explorers have the power to change everything, both within and outside of the bunker. Uncover the secrets of the world of Shambles during your explorations, stand at the center of conflict between competing forces, and become the hero of your own story. But fail to change anything at all, and you may die a pointless death. Everything is up to you, and the choice is yours to make.

Choose From a Variety of Cards, Skills, and Equipment

In Shambles, you can try new things every time you play, with hundreds of options to choose from. With no less than 200 cards and over 100 different skills and items for you to equip, try out all sorts of different strategies and make every game of Shambles completely fresh.

Create Records of the New World

The world outside has become very different from the one you knew. As one of the first to leave the bunker, you’ll want to leave records of what you see in the world outside. Find new plants and animals, meet new people, and obtain books and journals to create the perfect Guidebook for this strange new world.

Navigate Between Countless Possibilities

During your adventures, you’ll find yourself having to make numerous choices. Some of these choices will be minor, while others might be significant enough to completely change the way you play. Your current location and past areas might lead to massive changes, or maybe your character’s current status, levels, stats, and equipment will impact the course of the story in a cascade of branching paths.

Immerse Yourself in Strategic Combat

In Shambles, your character’s build plays an important role during combat. Each faction’s cards will work slightly differently depending on your character’s stats, influencing the overall direction of your deck. Use equipment and skills to customize your character further for an even wider strategic depth.

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Published by Gravity Co., Ltd.


OS Windows 7 or later
Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics GeForce GTX 550 ti or Radeon hd 6570
DirectX Version 11
Storage 3 GB available space
Others DirectX 11.0c compatible


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