The bread smell once disappeared...... Now returns!

This is a world of lost delicacies.

Until one day, in the corner of the world, an accidental explosion triggered by the main character Chaia, who was forced to stay in a rundown town where she is unfamiliar with the little store owner Effie to rebulid her bakery.

And the good smell from the insignificant oven is - the almost lost delicious food, BREAD!

Collect materials in areas with your style!

Use your weapon and skills to create a path!

There're multiple weapons to choose from,

They all have a unique skilltree to make your own playstyle!

- Multiple areas with different theme and challenges!

- The locals are cute but also dangerous!

- Rare materials! What bread can they make?

Delicious bread for the bakery!

Sell breads in your own bakery!

- Set up the rack of breads for most outcome!

- Customers are in need! Help them or lose the opportunity!

- Make sure there're breads to sell!

- Clean up that floor, or you might lose some money!

Develop deserted town, meet new friends!

With power of bread, new possibilities are opened!

- New friends will join the town with your progress!

- Research and upgrade the recipes to become top rated shop!

- Make deserted town great by developing new buldings!

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OS Windows 10
Processor 2.8Ghz
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics 512mb Video Memory Shader Model 2.0+
Storage 4 GB


English O X O
Japanese O X O
Korean O X O
Chinese(traditional) O X O