[ALTF42] Steam official launching is coming!

Start with GRAVITY 2024.05.30

The more you die, the more you stronger?!

ALTF42, the sequel to ALTF4 gave many gamers around the world a hard time, will finally be officially released on Steam on 5th, June 2024, after a Steam Early Access started on 31st, March, 2023.

The Early Access version, which is already opened to the public, has been upgraded in many ways compared to the previous title ALF4.

The Unreal Engine has significantly improved the graphic quality of ALTF42, and it allows players to continue their hard journey without loneliness through interaction with unique NPCs. A “Coin system” has also been added, allowing players to use collected coins from challenge to purchase items that allow them to comfortably pass through traps, or to place bet coins on turtle racetrack. (Of course, you can also lost them all).

<Watch out for Bankruptcy!>

The game also offers plentiful contents than previous title, including “Costumes”, a collectible element that can be acquired in hidden locations as well as “Giant boss battles” that will shake players' souls with merciless attack patterns.

So, then, what kind of content will be updated in the official release?

The official release will show a new jungle-themed final stage. The jungle stage, the longest stage in ALTF42, is waiting for you with a variety of traps. You will need a lot of challenges to clear it.

As you already know, everything is not normal in ALTF42. Stay tuned to see what various animals from land, sea, and air await you in the jungle stage.

<Which dangers hide in the Jungle Stage?>

New content “Flying butt” has been added. Flying butt, which appear randomly not only in the jungle stage but also in all other stages, is precious living things that drops items and coins for 10 seconds when attacked.

<Let's throw chickens to it to hit, not just pass by>

In addition to the items available in the Early Access version, many new items will be added to the game to help you play well. Please have a check when the game is officially released to see what items will be added. Although more useful items have been added, the difficulty of the game is still high, death will always waiting for you.

<Screens you will see countless times during the game>

The more you do everything, the more you get used to it and the better you get at it. In ALTF42, you will feel the exhilaration from clearing a stage after a lot of failures. Steam Early Access allows you to experience the game even before the official release, so please give it a try.

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